For Impregnating Another Woman, Housewife Bit Off Husband’s Manhood



A middle-aged man simply known as Baba Maria, at Ilaje area of Ondo State is in excruciating pain at the hospital. After his wife allegedly chopped off his manhood for impregnating another woman.

We gathered that, Baba Maria’s family went to Iya Maria to solicit for Baba Maria because he impregnated another woman. Thus he would have to marry the strange woman and bring her to their matrimonial home.

However, Iya Maria, who has been married to her husband for five years we learned did not argue with them.

She welcomed the idea and promised to co-operate with her husband.

Meanwhile, she had a hidden agenda, which she eventually carried out at night after family members had a meeting with her.

Surprisingly that night, the husband revealed that, his wife made an unusual sex move.

While romancing him, Iya Maria was said to have been performing oral sex on him in readiness for the action.

Shockingly, Baba Maria narrated further that his wife bit off his manhood while giving him oral sex.

He added that he had to grab her neck before she escaped.

Baba Maria disclosed further that, his neighbor took him to hospital, saving his life.

As it is, our source  said, his manhood might not function again as doctors are still battling to save him.

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