Killers Of DELSU Student Give Horrifying Details About Her Death

Killers Of DELSU Student Give Horrifying Details About Her Death


Ilori Titilayo

The killers of Elozino Joshuana Ogege, a 300 level student of Delta State University gave full details of her death. According to them, they mercilessly butchered Elzino like an animals.

A 4-man gang consisting of 2 Yahoo boys, a security guard at her school, and a native doctor, butchered Elzino as she innocently sought for accommodation.

The men gave their confessions to the press yesterday, 28th November, 2018, while they were paraded at the Delta State Police Command.

The suspects narrated how they killed Elozino with the help of a security guard.

Onos (the security guard), who offered to assist Elozino to secure an accommodation said:

“Desmond contacted me to provide a female student for Yahoo rituals. When she approached me that she was looking for accommodation, I saw it as a good opportunity.

“So I informed Desmond who told me to tell her to come back the next day.

“The next day, they brought a Corolla car; and when Elozino came, they used something on her face which made her unconscious.

“We then drove to a bush where we first plucked out one of her eyes while she was still alive.

“She was begging and crying to forgive her and let her go, we plucked the other eye, removed her breast and heart before she died.”

During Ono’s confession, he implicated his supervisor

He claimed he was posted to the school by his supervisor (Nwaosisi) for the sole purpose of carrying out such missions when contacted.

However, the Supervisor with a security company attached to the University, Uche Nwaosisi, denied knowledge of the crime.

Stating that he was among those who went after Onos when the police came to look for him in the school.

Nwaosisi said:

“When Onos was caught, he threatened to implicate me for assisting the police to catch him. When he was caught by police, they discovered two phones with him.

“Which he claimed I sold one to him. That was my involvement.”

Desmond, who is into the “Yahoo Plus” line of business, said Elozino is the fifth girl he has killed for ritual purposes. He also said the first four female victims were abducted at Oghara and killed for rituals.

Her murder was his first from the University community in Abraka.

According to Desmond:

” When we catch a victim, we remove the vital organs like the eyes, the heart and the breast of the victims, normally females.

“We take to Baba (herbalist), who usually would ask us to come back. Baba use to burn the heart and pound it to make powder substance out of it.

“It is the power that he gives us, which we apply before speaking to our victims to make money from them. Any rich woman we approach obliges us and provides money for us.”

Robinson(the native doctor) denied being involved in previous murders and said God is his witness.

Robinson said Elozino’s heart and eye happened to be the first he received from the Yahoo Plus customers.

Furthermore, he said he first met the boys seven years ago when they brought an accident victim for him to cure.

Maintaining that he specializes in treating bone fractures, making women pregnant, preparing love portions for people, curing appendicitis and others.

He said when they came with Elozino’s body parts, they gave him N10,000. Promising to give him more money later, and asked him to make them rich.

The second Yahoo Plus suspect who was an accomplice of Desmond allegedly slumped and died as the police were closing in on him.

The female accomplice who was part of their gruewome operation is also in police custody.

The Police Public Relations Officer, DSP Andrew Aniamaka said that now that all the killers of Elozino have been caught except the suspect who slumped and died.

The police will arraign them in court.

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