Man Rapes Daughter, Infects Her With HIV



One Peter Adida is under investigation for raping his teenage daughter and infecting her with HIV. The incestuous affair has left many in shock.

The incident occurred at his residence at 9 Oyetayo, Olafisoye Estate Westwood, Badore- Ajah, Lagos.

The Lagos PPRO, Chike Oti confirmed the incident.

He also revealed that the victim has been taken to the hospital for tests and it was confirmed that she was raped and infected with HIV.

A female police officer while thoroughly investigating the matter, narrated the victim’s ordeal.

The victim explained how her father has been threatening her and described the various sex positions.

The issue of rape is a global phenomenon and there is barely a day without cases of rape and incest.

The Nigerian government should approach the rape laws with all seriousness so as to reduce this social malady.

Meanwhile, the Ekiti State government is working on a rape register where the names of rapists in Ekiti will be published.

This may be a step in the right direction to curb sexual predators, like the sex offenders register in the western world.

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