Reasons Red Wine Is Good For You

Reasons Red Wine Is Good For You


Ilori Titilayo

If you are a red wine lover, you have to feel happy that even expert medicos suggested that people should have one or two glasses per day

In a well-controlled manner because of the health benefits of red wine

Red wine has got widespread attention because of its life-sustaining benefits.

1. Heart health

Research has proven that an antioxidant called resveratrol which is present in the skin and seeds of the grape used to prepare wine have got promising heart benefits.

Till date, scientists have revealed the benefits of resveratrol as an antioxidant which will prevent the lining of bad cholesterol ( low cholesterol) in the blood veins

This helps for the proper functioning of your heart.

2. Anti-aging

Resveratrol benefits are not limited to heart, but also helps to reduce human age.

The human body has got a gene called Sirtuins which is more essential for having good skin.

Lack of this gene will lead to wrinkles in the face, this problem is common in the women after menopause.

So a glass or 250 ml of wine per day will activate the Sirtuins in the body and this will prevent cell decay and helps to produce new cells in the body.

3. Maintains immune system

Compared to other alcoholic beverages, the wine will not harm your health like other alcohol.

The wine has got the ability to maintain the immune system of your body and this helps for long life.

All you need to do is to have it in limited amounts like a glass or two every day.

4. Smoking

Due to smoking, the cells of the body will lose the ability to relax due to the effect on the endothelium layer of cells which is most important for the expansion of cells and relaxing.

Smoking is very dangerous to health, so the wine will reduce the harm caused by smoking on this layer

And can be a best friend for people who have left smoking and want to get back their proper health.

The wine has got the property to prevent cancer also.

5. Sleeping

Many people face the problem of improper sleep.

Red wine contains melatonin which will regulate all the functioning of the body acting as a body clock.

When you drink a glass of wine before going to bed, you will get a comfortable sleep and the complete body will get a good relaxation

6. Cancer

If smoking causes cancer, then red wine prevent it

Several types of research conducted across the globe have found that regular and limited intake of wine.

Preferably red wine reduces the risk of lung cancer by 13%.

Also amazing is the fact that four or more glasses of wine in a week reduce prostate cancer in me by 50- 60%

Women who have red wine in limited quantity are known to have a reduced risk of breast cancer.

However, it is to be noted that having more than two glasses of alcoholic drink is the cause for breast cancer.

With all these benefits, red wine can be considered as a health drink and have to be consumed in a limited amount for good well being.

Caution: drinking regularly and consumption of alcohol in a large amount is dangerous to health.

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