Spotting A Gold Digger

Spotting A Gold Digger


Ilori Titilayo

Have you ever been suspicious that the person you are dating is more interested in your money than you?

Are you are concerned about this and want to find out? Read some clues to protect yourself before it is too late

1. First of all, understand what a gold digger is, and is not. If someone asks about your financial stability, don’t take it the wrong way, he or she might mean no harm.

There is a difference between a gold digger and someone who values your role as a provider

A gold digger would leave you if you lost your ability to provide for her financially.

2. She feels entitled:  a gold digger will walk around feeling entitled to the good life without feeling any need to lift a finger to achieve it.

3. She’s full of fake praise and sweet words: even if the man is a 100 years old, she wouldn’t mind calling him baby, sweetheart, honey, darling, not for the affection she has for him but for the money in his pocket.

She doesn’t mind if he’s blind or crippled, so far he has enough money to spend on her. She is all about the money and the way you look is irrelevant.

4. Lie to get or extort cash from you for urgent cases and yet spend unreasonably.

A gold digger would tell you she needs money urgently to pay rent or school fees, yet something expensive and flimsy in the same period.

For example, the latest phone in town, or buy hair worth a fortune. While they lie that their mum is sick, and they desperately need money for medicals.

5. She only suggests expensive gifts, trips, and restaurants etc

She will turn their nose up at heartfelt and sentimental gifts because she is eager for gifts that are caked with money

And expects nothing less than 4-star accommodations and food venues, shopping at designer stores and exotic vacations.

She does not care if your expenses on her hurt you financially if she is a short-term gold digger.

You would be limited on the things you know about her like her personal life or family so she would be untraceable when she is done gold digging and runs off.

6. She lacks career aspirations: a gold digger will avoid the subject of getting a job and demonstrate that she has no intention of ever developing a career outright.

7. She attempts to trap men with pregnancy: once a gold digger knows you are worth a fortune and not ready for any commitment, she will be ready to do anything even when she doesn’t love you.

She is not above manipulating you into having a baby with her. Thus will insist on having unprotected sex and will use lines like “I can’t feel it with the condom on, I just like it off”

And attempt to use guilt trips on you, for example, “if you love me, why do you need a condom?”

Don’t be deceived, gold digging is not limited to the womenfolk, men are getting better at it.

8. For male gold diggers, he would ask you these questions, even on a first date; how much do you make a year? Who is your father? What is your family name? What do you own or have?

This is because a gold digger is a mobile calculator, therefore every question that relates to money is calculated to determine the percentage of the total amount that he believes he deserves.

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