Common Mascara Mistakes Every Woman Must Stop Making

Common Mascara Mistakes Every Woman Must Stop Making

Ilori Titilayo

A mascara is very important when it comes to a woman’s beauty regimen. You can modify your look by playing around with mascara to suit the occasion. However, this art is not as easy as most people assume.

To get the best out of mascara, avoid the following mistakes:

1. Some ladies curl their eyelashes after applying mascara.This messes up all the efforts you put into the entire makeup. Freshly coated lashes should not be curled to avoid smudging and clumping.

2. Failing to separate your lashes is another mistake you have to avoid. After applying your mascara and the lashes dry, it is recommended that you separate them using a lash comb. You don’t need spider lashes, leave them to runway models.

3. Primer usage: If you have an oily face or generally hate mascara smudging on your eyelids, you have to apply primer around your eyes.

4. You should avoid sharing your mascara as well as using your friend’s mascara. This is a common mistake most ladies make. The mascara has several bacteria that can be transmitted from one person to another causing eye infection. For example, pink eye (Apolo) and other serious eye infections are transmitted by sharing mascaras.

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