After Raping 7-Year-Old Girl, Man Pours Hot Water On Her



A wicked man, Isaac Evaghoghme raped a 7-Year-old girl recently.

He raped his victim at her parent’s house located at 27 Duke Street, Calabar, Cross Rivers State.

The incident occurred during the Calabar Carnival show 2018, when the victim who followed her mother to the venue of the event not far from their house told her that she was hungry and needed to go back home to eat.

But unknowingly, the rapist trailed her home.

After raping her the first time, he wanted a second round, then she refused him and started shouting for help.

At this point, Isaac located a flask of hot water, poured it on her and took his leave.

The victim was writhing in pains and agony when her mother returned home and rushed her to the hospital.

The rapist confirmed the incident when he was arrested the following day, he claimed that was the second time he had raped the girl.

He was however beaten mercilessly by the mob before he was finally handed over to the police.

What a wicked world!

However, the Federal government has made available a rapist register to compile the list of rapist all over the states.

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