Tricks On How To Keep Your Man All To Yourself

Tricks On How To Keep Your Man All To Yourself


Ilori Titilayo

When it comes to satisfying your man, it may look difficult, but trust me men want to be pampered too.

Instead of doing what will keep him glued to you, some women do the opposite, pushing their men away and this leads to failure in a relationship.

Now, these are the best ways to keep your man all to yourself:

1. Most women will only prepare mouth-watering food when hosting visitors or during celebrations. Let good cooking and good food be your routine, your husband should have delicious meals all the time.

While preparing a meal in the kitchen, always have it in mind that it is your husband who will eat your cooking, therefore, apply your skills in cooking a delicious meal.

2. Some women don’t realize that cleanliness is a strong attraction to men. Everything should be placed in the right place at the right time.

Don’t litter the house with used diaper because you are nursing a baby, you must be neat. Not all men like their woman to shave her pubic hair, you should know what your man wants and be ready to do it.

3. Sex is not what keeps a relationship but it is a flavour in any flourishing engagement. When doing it with your man, do it as you have never done it before. Don’t lie like a log.

Teach him something new, which will keep him motivated and encouraged.

Every time he remembers how you will exhaust him in bed because you experiment with new styles, he will never play with other ladies out there. Rather he will save his energy for you.

4.  Learn to use romantic words as his lady, you should have the right choice of words to use while with your man, this will make him feel safe

Even if he hears the same words from other ladies, it won’t mean anything. Because you make him feel loved already.

If your man does not seem to care, continue pushing for this, sooner or later he will connect to you emotionally.

5. Learn to be patient, there are times your man will do things that are annoying, at that point you don’t have to say anything.

If he has hurt you so bad, it’s best you walk away and don’t say anything, he will come back feeling sorry.

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