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Never Tell Your Child These Three Things

Never Tell Your Child These Three Things


Ilori Titilayo

Being a parent is not a day’s job, whenever you are around your children, you must be extremely careful of what you say, do, and how you behave around them.

However, you are advised to watch what you say to them, even if you are sure that they are wrong.

1. Don’t call your child a failure when your child tries to do something and fails, encourage that child to try again. And don’t remind the child of how many times he or she has failed.

As a parent, you should never discourage your child. Be the pillar they need because they take your comments seriously and keep them in their hearts.

2. Telling your child that he/ she is driving you crazy, this is a poor statement.

Yes, I understand you’re just getting home after a rough day at work and all you want to do is hit the shower and retire to bed.

But your kids won’t let you be, control your frustration and be mindful of what you say. Your child shouldn’t think that he or she is the source of your frustrations.

You should always start by telling them that you love them, before saying “sweetheart we will talk later, or give me 20 mins to freshen up”.

3. The worst thing you can say to your child is that he or she is too fat or too thin. As a parent, you need to make such a child understands that there is no perfect body.

If you feel he/she is fat or thin, encourage them and make them feel loved and appreciated.

Never Tell Your Child These Three Things