Things You Should Never Tell Your Friend After A Breakup

Things You Should Never Tell Your Friend After A Breakup


Ilori Titilayo

Moving on after a break up is always very tough, especially if both of you were in love, but you had to break up due to one reason or the other.

Seeing your friend in this situation may tempt you to start offering company and advice to her.

Try as much as possible not to raise any topic concerning the breakup, because you are likely to hurt her by saying these four simple things

1. Saying you know how she feels, when something bad happens to someone no one knows how anyone feels.

Regardless of how many breakups you have been through, hers is a unique scenario. The situation can make her feel you are belittling the magnitude of her misfortune.

2. Another statement that can make her get angry is when you say “I liked or I disliked him”  Letting her know whether you liked him or not is not a wise statement, keep it to yourself.

She might have liked him too much to talk ill about him, or she hates the decision to leave to the extent of not wanting to hear any positive word about him.

3.  Another silly statement to say to a friend who is hurt is “There are alternatives” this statement will not cool your friend’s ill feelings. She already knows that there are alternatives if she decides to love again.

4. Try your best to let her know her worth without directly informing her that she has to move on in search of a replacement.

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