Khadijat Bashir
Khadijat Bashir

Wicked World! Wife Supports Husband To Rape 6-Month-Old Baby



A 6-month-Old -infant, Khadijat Bashir has been allegedly raped by a Kano-based businessman with his wife’s support.

The top businessman turned rapist has however been nabbed by the Kano State Police Command for the crime.

Sources said, his housewife pinned the baby down for her husband to rape.

Aishat Alubankudi, a Human Rights Activists identified the defiled infant as Khadijat Bashir.

She also identified the rapist as the husband of the victim’s mother’s friend.

While narrating the incident, the activist said the businessman and his wife have been childless since they wedded.

However, in their efforts to have a baby, they approach a herbalist who told the husband to sleep with an infant.

Thereafter, the wife visited her friend who has a baby, took her home with the aim of looking after her.

She allegedly held the infant for her husband to rape her.

The baby is currently receiving treatment at an undisclosed hospital in Kano.

The activist lawyer, Alubankudi confirmed visiting the traumatized baby at the hospital.

Meanwhile, the rich businessman, has consulted 10 lawyers to defend him in Court.

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