Sola Odunaro
Sola Odunaro

Young Man Hacked To Death By Cultist Friends



A young man identified as Sola Odunaro met his untimely death last Monday.

He was sent to his early grave by his two friends suspected to be cultists, Azeez Gade and ‘Tunde Killer’.

According to our source, Sola and Azeez were having quarrels last Monday around 9 pm, when another friend, Tunde Killer came to his Ado- Odo residence, in Ogun State.

Instead of settling the dispute between his friends, Tunde Killer inflamed the argument and supported Azeez to fight Sola.

When Sola’s mother who also resides in the same premises with her son heard about their misunderstanding, she quickly intervened.

But surprisingly, both Azeez and Tunde disrespected her and started beating her son in her presence.

They did not stop there, they hacked him to death before Sola’s mother who stepped out to call people to settle the fight returned.

They left Sola in a pool of his blood and disappeared into thin air.

A policeman who prefers to remain anonymous confirmed the incident to us and said the perpetrators will be will fished out.

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