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Check out Five Food That Slows Down Aging

Check out Five Food That Slows Down Aging


Ilori Titilayo

Aging is a natural process, there are signs that start appearing when we are close in our 30s.

This signs could be wrinkles and dark spots, this two are the premature aging signs which make us look older than our age and it affects our beauty and personality.

There are numerous natural foods that can help in slowing the aging process.

Some of them include spinach, avocados, blueberry, etc. They all help in maintaining the elasticity of the skin and providing a youthful glow.

Collagen is protein in the body which is extremely beneficial in maintaining the elasticity of the skin and strengthening and shaping tissues, muscles, and bones.

The collagen content tends to decline as we age (the collagen content per unit area of the skin decreases by 1% every year)

That is why we develop the signs of aging. They are some collagen-rich foods that slow down aging

Fish remains one of the best collagen-rich foods to slow down aging.

Collagen contains peptides which have the best bio-availability and absorption.

These proteins get absorbed into your skin, joints, bones, and tissues. Fish scapes such as bone and scales are rich sources of fish collagen. Fishes like salmon, are rich in zinc and supply collagen to the proteins.

It contains an ample amount of Omega-3 fatty acids, which build healthy skin cells and provide a youthful glow.

Water, on the other hand, contains a high amount of collagen.

Drinking enough water is the easiest and best way to supply collagen to the proteins in our body.

Water helps in getting rid of skin-damaging toxins and retains moisture.

It accelerates the fiber formation in the body and strengthens the collagen, so as to plump up the skin cells.

It helps in filling the fine lines and wrinkles and thus, slowing the aging process.

Lots of seeds and nuts provide health benefits which even vitamins and proteins don’t offer.

Nuts and seeds are also helpful in boosting your collagen levels naturally.
Some of them are discussed below with their benefit

1. Garlic has antioxidants that fight free radicals, these radicals damage happens when the skin is harmed by pollution, causing aging symptoms.

Garlic offers several health and skin-related benefits.

It is known to boost the collagen levels and is high in sulfur, which helps in rebuilding the skin fibers

Garlic is  among the best collagen-rich foods to slow down the going

2. Sunflower  contains vitamins B1 and magnesium which give us a healthy glow

Sunflower seed has collagen-building ingredients likehavenc and protein.

3. Almonds  also have monosaturated fats, zinc, copper, calcium, and vitamins B1, B5, B6, and E, due to which it offers several anti-aging skin benefits

It also contains proteins that help support collagen production.

4.  pumpkin seeds contain a copious amount of zinc to fight free radicals.

They are also helpful in improving the health of the skin, building protein, and combating inflammation and pain.

5. Chia seeds and nuts significantly reverse aging signs.

They offer several skin-related benefits, the omega-3 content in them is much more than the fish and meat.