Abiodun Ishola
Abiodun Ishola

Hunger Strike! Tailor Stabs Food Seller For Refusing Her Credit



There’s hunger in the country and the fact has emerged when a female Tailor, Aminat Ayileri stabbed a food seller, Abiodun Ishola on the forehead for refusing her credit of food.

The Tailor, who struggle to make ends meet we gathered has incurred a debt worth of 8,000 naira.

She lost her temper when she requested for more food on credit and she was refused.

Ayileri was rather asked to pay -up her debts.

Following her benefactor’s refusal, the 47-year old Tailor suspect attacked her victim and stabbed her.

However, Aminat pleaded guilty at Ejigbo Magistrate Court for assault On Abiodun.

She was granted bail of fifty thousand nairas with a condition, but if she does not meet the condition, she will remain in the police custody till January 9, 2019, next adjournment.

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