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Anthony Joshua

Anthony Joshua Urges Wilder To Take Up ‘Risky’ Undisputed Title Fight

Anthony Joshua has urged Deontay Wilder to take the risk of an undisputed title fight with him at Wembley.

The Britain questioned whether Wilder needs large financial reward for a fight that could see him become the undisputed champion.

Joshua’s next fight is scheduled for April next year and he wants his opponent to be the WBC champion.

“I think it’s the risk and reward factor,” Joshua said.

“When you look at the situation, it’s a big risk and the reward has to outweigh your risk, I think in their eyes. I think that’s all it comes down to with these guys.

“It’s quite interesting. I’ve started to notice there is a lot of tension that has been building up with their camp and the fight in itself, watching what we’ve been achieving.

Anthony Joshua Urges Wilder To Take Up ‘Risky’ Undisputed Title Fight

“I feel like they come to a stage now where it’s not just about the fight, it’s personal. I feel they are probably the things that are holding up the fight. Because if it was just purely about the fight, then we would have made it happen. But it’s more about who’s dodging who, who’s this, who’s that.”

Joshua’s trainer had raised concerns about Wilder’s streak(39 knockouts in 40 wins) but Joshua isn’t buying any of it. The 29-year-old says he wants to be the one to end the run.

“McCracken doesn’t fight for me, he trains me. For me, Wilder’s style is not an issue. Wilder’s boxing ability is not an issue. It’s not so much about what someone said on my behalf.

“I’ll say it, it’s no problem, I’ll fight Wilder and I’ll probably knock him out as well. That’s future, but the main thing is I’ll fight Wilder.”