Simple Mistakes To Avoid When Applying Your Foundation

Simple Mistakes To Avoid When Applying Your Foundation


Ilori Titilayo

There is so much to learn when it comes to applying our foundation and getting it right.

The last thing you want to do is walking out of the house with the colour of your face looking different from the neck

Read some important things to remember when applying foundation, so as to have a perfect look.

1. Always use a primer: the primer acts as a base, the first thing to do is to moisturize your face, then apply your primer by tapping it gently on your skin.

Leave it to dry and soak in, then apply your foundation.

2. Use a clean tool that works for you to apply your foundation: ensure that your brushes are clean to avoid transferring bacteria onto your skin, which can cause breakouts.
You can wash your brushes with warm and soapy water.

3. Match your foundation to your skin color: get a foundation shade that is close to your skin tone. And avoid using an off colour of foundation.

After applying on the face, blend at the jawline, neck, and ears so that your face, matches the rest of the body.

When applying foundation, always remember that less is more, there are some days when you want to apply more foundation, such as when going out, and other days when you just want a simple look.

4. Don’t skip the powder: am sure you don’t want your foundation to stain someone else’s cloth when you hug them.

Powder helps the foundation stays put, it also gives you that polished look, by hiding the pores and fine lines.

5. Use a setting powder: you can use a bit of your translucent setting powder to ensure that your foundation stays on for the whole day.

You can also use a setting spray, if you have it as oil control and to prevent it from creasing or smudging

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