The arrrest of Wicked Mother
The arrrest of Wicked Mother

Wicked Mother Sets 8-Year-Old Daughter Ablaze Over Minor Offence



A wicked mother has set her own 8-year-old daughter on fire over a minor offense in Kaduna.

When she refused to take care of her two siblings left with while she left for her business, instead, the young girl left to their neighbor’s apartment to watch Television.

This attitude annoyed her mother when she returned from her business and set her ablaze with petrol as punishment.

She further locked her up in a room for six days before rescue came her way and her mother was nabbed by NSCDC security operatives.

The minor is currently recuperating at a specialist hospital in Kaduna.

This is an act of physical abuse from a mother to her child.

The law of the land will take effect on this woman if she is found guilty of the alleged offense.

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