What You Shouldn’t Say Durning An Interview

What You Shouldn’t Say Durning An Interview


Ilori Titilayo

During an interview, there are words we should avoid saying no matter what

You must learn to compose yourself, and avoid saying words you are not sure of the meaning

1. Don’t say ” things or stuff” these words share a number of negative traits.

It sounds vague and dull and also childish.

Instead of saying such words, use specific words, tasks, such as responsibilities, tasks, challenges, passions hobbies, collections, and media, to communicate exactly what you mean.

2. saying honestly” using this word simply means everything you’ve said up to that point in the interview was a lie

3. Avoid saying you are a self-starter” this means someone who is sufficiently ambitious or motivated to work on their own initiative without needing direction.

So if you feel the need to say it to reassure hiring you, you’re in trouble. The same is applicable for “hard-working.”

4. words like” yes ma”, you might see it as a way of being polite.

Addressing an employer will instantly make her feel ancient, a feeling nobody wants to have.

Doing this makes you sound old-fashioned, and not in a quaint, refreshing way but in an alarming, old school way.

5. Saying “Whatever” during an interview is very wrong

Please consider deleting it from your interview vocabulary.

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