Fashion Error Men Should Avoid

Fashion Error Men Should Avoid


Ilori Titilayo

When a man approaches you, the first thing you will do is size him up.

People will interact with you according to the opinions they have formed.

It is very important for men to absolutely look their best every time and pay attention to the little things.

There are lots of outfit mistakes that men make and end up looking tacky

1. Running shoes are made for running while hiking boots are made for people who like hiking.

Most men don’t get that athletic shoes are made for athletic wear and are not substitute for casual shoes.

2. It is time for men to start minding their dress code at specific occasions.

Don’t wake up and choose your outfit blindly, plan and make a little effort.

Learn to dress for the occasion, You cannot head to the beach in a suit and tie.

And at the same time, you cannot go to an interview with a soccer jersey. Your appearance says a lot about you.

3.  Wearing a belt is something most men are accustomed to and it’s an accessory that adds an edge to your look in a sophisticated and simple way.

Match the belt and pants with the formality, the belt and shoes should be of the same color black with black, brown with brown, blue with blue.

4. Some men spoil good looking outfits by wearing the wrong kind of socks.

Wearing the wrong colour of sock is a big fashion error, try to avoid it.

5. Wearing rough clothes make one look unkept, so try as much as possible to get that shirt iron.

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