Why a New Year Resolution is a Bad Idea

Why a New Year Resolution is a Bad Idea

Itohan Ferguson

As the year 2018 winds down, there is an air of general optimism, that comes with the promise of a clean slate.

The promise that with 2019, there is an automatic reset button and our lives become ‘Tabula Rasa’.

In the heels of the ‘New Year New Me’ chants to fill the air soon, is the clichéd and dreaded New Year resolution. Contrary to popular beliefs, a New Year resolution is not a good idea, here is why:

New Year Resolutions are Unachievable

It is a human thing to bulk at the restrictions of rules. Thus, the popular maxim ‘Rules are made to be broken’. It is likely that you will break some of your New Year resolutions and fall back into old habits. Clearly, it will take much more than a list on paper to change a habit that may have become second nature. Furthermore, humans are not known for setting reasonable goals.

Anxiety and Fear

it is inevitable that you may default on your New Year’s resolution. Thus, it is expected that failures will be met with anxiety, fear and defeat. We cannot emphasize how demoralizing that can get.

External Influences Affect New Year Resolutions

when making New Year’s resolution, chances are they are made because of external perceptions of us. Thus, they are not based on our personal journeys, strengths and weaknesses. We are unlikely to capture our limits while making resolutions, therefore we do not set reasonable goals.

New Year Resolutions are Not the Same as Actual Goals

It is not enough to gallantly create a to-do list for the New Year, because these do not translate to actual goals. Resolutions may foster a sense of laziness and the false sense of achievement.

While it New Year resolutions are a bad idea, it should not stop steps for self improving changes.

Happy New Year!
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