Bad Habits To Stay Away From This New Year

Bad Habits To Stay Away From This New Year


Ilori Titilayo

It is a new year, there are some habit you need to stay away from if you want to make it in this new year. Habits like

1. Drunkenness and intoxication, what is the excess of having a good job, a lovely home and a nice car attached to it, and you are useless to yourself and to the community because you always drink yourself to stupor?

Drinking excessively will only make you broke before the next payday because you spend more on drink than what you save.

2. Lack if saving,  saving money is not always as easy as it sounds, when you have a lot of people to feed or great responsibilities to meet.

I agree it is difficult to save money, but it is also very possible to achieve if you work towards it. Cultivate the habit of saving a reasonable percentage of your income or monthly salary but make sure that your saving is logical enough for you to be able to survive till the next payday.

3. Betting and gambling is very common in our society today, you see young men moving around with white slips ( bets receipt)

The commercial drivers are not left out, they go as far as parking by the roadside and running down to the betting shop to check if they’ve won a bet or not

The bad thing about gambling and betting is that it is addictive, you can get so addicted to the extent that you will be tempted to borrow just to play a bet with the hope of winning.

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