Friends You Should Surround Yourself With

Friends You Should Surround Yourself With


Ilori Titilayo

There are some friends you should have in your life. And if you have these people, you should not let them go no matter what.

Having many friends as an adult is not unusual, because you gain benefits from surrounding yourself with different kinds of people.

You can’t learn as a person if your circle is too small with just one or two close friends. It will not be enough to add value to your life.

Friends to have are:

1. That friend who has the right connections, someone you can call when you are in trouble.

The friend with a robust network knows who to call if you need help. Such a friend is the most affable and charming person you know. Someone with plenty of connections will help you build bridges.

2. That friend who has been there since childhood, who has been with you through many ups and down.

Someone you grew up with, and you’ve become a constant in each other’s life

3. Stick to friends who are always positive and has a positive outlook on life.

Positive friends bring out the best in you, with their support, you’re more inspired to try out new things, complete your goals, and reach for your dreams.

Such a friend doesn’t panic at the slightest problem or challenge. It is important to have this person by your side when you’re at your lowest point.

4. A friend who has a strong opinion and can defend it. This friend strongly believes in something and defends it when challenged.

This individual is not afraid to break the rules if he/she doesn’t see the use for them. We need this kind of friend in our life at times when we feel constricted and bound.

5. The friend who builds you up; there are times when you are down emotionally.

Or times You have been making mistakes after mistakes and you need some guidance or mentorship. This person will make sure you get to the finish line.

Such a friend will invest time and energy into your personal development and would be fulfilled when he/she sees you succeed.

6.  A friend who is your partner in crime loves collaborating with you because you share the same interests.

This is the friend you can share your secrets with because there is familiarity, she is your ‘amebo’ partner.

It’s always good to have a friend like this in your life because such a friend doubles as a soulmate

7. That friend who is sensible and mature. You know you can express your thoughts out loud to this person because he/she will not judge you

Such a person will share enlightening insights into your problems.

And you know sharing your problem with this individual will be stimulating.

He/she will suggest ideas to you but will respect your boundaries, and will never force you to follow his or her suggestions.

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