Couple on a date
Couple on a date

Three Things To Keep A Secret On Your First Date

Titilayo Ilori

First dates should be handled with proper caution.  You must be careful of what you say,  do not make the mistake of disclosing everything about yourself.

You never know, who you may be dealing with, he or she might be a criminal or a spy

Be careful when it comes to giving out personal information to your date, don't be carried away by his or her looks.

Secrets to keep quiet about are:


Don’t be too quick to reveal your secrets, romantic history, Finances on a first date, no matter how good looking your crush is. You may be setting yourself up to be taken advantage of by unscrupulous individuals.

  • 1. Your darkest secrets, don't be too quick to trust a stranger with your darkest secrets. The last thing you need, is to share your dark secrets with him or her. It is risky revealing that much, to a stranger who may be the wrong person.
  • 2 Romantic history,  It is necessary to share your romantic escapades with your partner, but not on the first date. You must take time to study them carefully, before spilling the beans. Furthermore the last thing you need is judgement from somebody you have romantic interest in.

3. Money matters: don't share your financial secrets with your crush on the first date.

Keep your money matters to yourself until the later stages of the relationship. You wouldn’t want to awaken the gold digging beast in them, early on. Thus take sometime to get to know an individual before revealing such sensitive information to them.

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