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Fruit Combinations You Should Avoid

Fruit Combinations You Should Avoid

Titilayo Ilori

We all know that taking fruits is good for the body and improves the health, but taking certain fruit combinations can be dangerous.

These fruit combinations include:

1. Water with Papaya, Cucumber and Watermelon:

Drinking water immediately after eating papaya, cucumber and watermelon can disturb the pH level and cause problems for your digestive system.

2. Combining Pomegranates with Apricots:

This combination of fruits rich in protein with fruits rich in sugar can cause several gastric problems.

We know sugar has a negative effect on the enzymes that digest protein and slows down the process of digestion

3. Orange and Milk:

It is advisable not to add orange to your daily bowl of milk cereal or oatmeal.

Orange is acidic. The acid in it will destroy the enzymes that are responsible for digesting the starch present in the cereal.

It may also curdle the milk and become a mucus forming substance in the body, which is bad for children

4. Egg and Milk:

This is not a good combination. It might not affect you immediately, but it will later

The two have different structures of protein and this makes it difficult for them to be digested together.

5. Watermelon and Milk:

This can cause some discomfort and lead to the production of more gas than usual. Avoid drinking milk after eating watermelon

6. Banana and Guava:

This combination makes both children and adults feel nauseous due to the gases produced in the stomach.

It can also cause headaches and stomach related ailments.

7.  Pudding and Banana:

This combination increases the production of toxins in the body for adults and can turn out to be fatal in the case of infants.

It can create heaviness in the stomach and should not be given to toddlers.

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