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Adekunle Gold And Simi Release Wedding Video      

Adekunle Gold And Simi Release Wedding Video     

Pearl Emmanuel

Finally! After so much suspense and sworn secrecy by those around the two love birds, they finally released clips from their wedding.

I think Simi and Adekunle Gold watch too many action movies. Let me give you a breakdown of this conspiracy (of course it is).

So, I feel Adekunle Gold and Simi were planning their wedding and their PR said to them why not kill two birds with a stone?

Go ahead and keep your wedding ceremony private but let’s take some clips from it to make a video for your song ‘Promise’.

That way you make a ton of cash from it because the views, engagements, and bookings will shoot through the roof .

Safe to say they agreed, hatched this plan and it seems to be working just fine.. (I guess).

In my opinion, the wedding between these two, is the Nigerian wedding of the decade, until something mind blowing crops up.

Why? it was devoid of the normal African expectation of Bride and groom aiming to please family members.

They had plenty fun at their own wedding. I think a lot of people would try to emulate Adekunle and Simi this year.

See the heart warming video below:

I have watched the “Promise” video which is also their wedding video, at least that’s all they are giving us.

And I can say from the juicy comments the public want more but are more than happy to be fed this little clip. The video is so lovely and their wedding actually held at Illashe beach as I wrote earlier.

Adekunle Gold And Simi Release Wedding Video      

They are so much in love, it is not your average mushy love you see, it is true friendship tested over time kind of love that transcends beyond money or fame.

*wipes a tear off*

Before you start calling me a love doctor, I just want to say I wish AG and Simi all the best in love, marriage, and life.

Although I’m still not over the fact that they didn’t invite me (a long time bestie) to their wedding but I forgive them.

Have you seen their wedding video yet? What do you think about their love story?