Duke of Spades
Duke of Spades

Escape Nightclub Shuts Down All Business Operations This Saturday Amidst Financial Crisis

Duke of Spades set to wed General Manager of Zaron Cosmetics

Pearl Emmanuel

Reports making the rounds is that one of the biggest and most frequented nightclubs in Lagos is shutting down all its business operations.

The CEO of Escape Night club Richard Nnadi popularly known as Duke of Spades took to his Instagram to announce that the life of Escape Nightclub has been truncated.

He did not give reasons for his decision but a close source confirmed that the club is facing serious financial problems.

It is also alleged that since the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) and SARS began frequently raiding clubs for criminals, especially the popular ‘Yahoo Boys’; business had gone south for Escape Nightclub.

In the same post, he hinted about his upcoming wedding ceremony to his fiancee Chioma Nwakwesi, General Manager, Strategy and Performance at Zaron Cosmetics.

Chiom Chiom as he fondly calls her is a statistics graduate from the University of Ibadan, Nigeria. She is an astute churchgoer (possibly a worker in church) and lives a very quiet and peaceful life

Duke of Spades and Chioma Nwakwesi
Duke of Spades and Chioma Nwakwesi

Being in the nightlife and hospitality business, the Dukes of spades would have seen plenty.

Quite a couple, wouldn’t you say!

The party going club owner and his girl next door, church going fiancee.

There were even rumors, albeit unverified that ‘a duke’ swung both ways (if you know what I mean).

Also my findings reveal that Chioma possibly managed the EVE Restaurant at Escape Night Club for a while. I wonder if that’s how the duo met and became an item.

Chioma Nwakwesi
Chioma Nwakwesi

It is very rare to see a man abandoning his lifestyle for the woman he loves. Do you think the Duke of Spades is backing out of the nightlife business to satisfy the whims of his soon to be bride?

What is the next step for this Ibo brother about to leave bachelorhood?

Questions! Questions!! Questions!!!

I wish the duke and his soon to be bride a happily ever after.

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