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The Importance of Oral S*x (18+)

The Importance of Oral S*x (18+)

Why oral s*x is important in a relationship and why you should give and receive head

Kevin David

Kevin David

S*x is not just confined to penetration, all forms of S*x are relevant!

Truth is we’re in an age and time where just penetrative s*x is somewhat a routine and that could get boring with time.

It would also eventually take a toll on whatever relationship you may be having with your partner as there will be no excitement in the other room.

For those of you who do not know what ‘oral s*x’ (giving head) is, this is when you or your partner stimulate each other’s private parts using your mouth and tongue.

Furthermore some women/men find it more intimate and prefer it to normal penetrative intercourse.

Giving your partner head (oral s*x) shouldn’t seem like a chore because most men cannot make a woman ‘C*m’ or experience ‘org*sm’ through penetration alone.

Thus It is important that your priority is to sexually satisfy your woman, of course ladies! do the same.

The Importance of Oral S*x (18+)

Imagine as a man you can’t make your woman get to the peak of her sexual satisfaction and you’ve been pounding her for God knows how long.

Ladies what if your man wants some mouth action to keep him happy but you find going down on him too disgusting.

Inevitably resentment will begin to fester between you both.

Truth is plenty of Nigerian men/women are selfish about giving head (oral s*x), but if you care enough for your partner you’ll also understand that this is an act of love and selflessness.

When you go down on your partner, you create faith in him/her that you care enough about their pleasure. While everybody think they are good at performing oral s*x, many are below par.

However with time and patience, this intimacy-changing skill can be mastered.

The Importance of Oral S*x (18+)

If you are still in doubt about giving head, below are the 5 importance of oral sex!

1. Improves heart health

This reason right here places oral s*x like an exercise, because it is. Just like normal sex, oral sex reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases such as heart failure.

2. Adds spice to your relationship

Giving or receiving head (oral s*x) is a selfless act because you’re both pleasuring each other one at a time, or simultaneously (69).

This sexual activity is intense and adds flavour to a relationship or situationship or any kind of “ship” you may find yourself in. When regular penetrative sex gets boring and there is no spice, one or the other partner may seek gratification else where.

We all know infidelity breeds resentment.

The Importance of Oral S*x (18+)

3. Increases sexual desire

Have you noticed that after you have penetrative intercourse, you lose the desire to indulge again. This is especially true for men, as their ‘joy sticks’ become lifeless after ejaculation.

What better way to bring a lifeless joystick back, than by oral s*x.

4: Glowing, younger looking skin

Having oral sex regularly helps your skin glow, making you look younger, because it allows for the rush of blood underneath your skin which is a natural part of the arousal process.

Oral s*x guarantees blood circulation in the body and it is a fantastic stress reliever.

5: Better immune function

Being sexually active has positive effects however engaging in oral sex improves and boosts immune function.

i.e it lowers the likelihood of coming down with cold or the flu .