Toyin Lawani
Toyin Lawani

Toyin Lawani’s ‘Boy Toy’ Revealed!

Meet the young lad serial entrepreneur Toyin Lawani is currently ‘S*xing’

Pearl Emmanuel

Popular fashionpreneur who refers to herself as the queen of hustle, Toyin Lawani has never been one to shy from controversy; rather she feeds off it.

She was recently in the news and gave social media audience something to wag their tongues about. She was spotted making a video of the sensual massage between herself and her young Personal Assistant.

Toyin Lawani
Toyin Lawani

It comes as no shock to those who know Toyin Lawani that she loves her men young, naïve and preferably inexperienced.

She has been known to date rich older businessmen only for the ‘mula’ but her real sexual fetish is young inexperienced boys.

You might not know this, so here’s the juice. Toyin Lawani is currently dating upcoming and aspiring socialite by the name of Moses Akerele, he likes being called Ogbeni Mo (probably given to him by his Sugar Mama).


Moses Akerele
Moses Akerele

Toyin has been s*xing the young lad for quite a while now. They made the AMVCA 2018 after-party quite an interesting one for people present, as they were unable to get enough of each other on the dance floor.

The most interesting part of the party was when the duo left together, for a more cozy and private party.


According to the grapevine, Moses is allegedly with Toyin Lawani because she is connected and will be an advantage to his fledgling career. Of course he gets to be styled for free for events by the fashion guru.

The toy boy in question is also an event compere.

Recall that the fashionpreneur styled her young stallion for his appearance at the ‘Chief Daddy’ movie premiere organized by Ebony Life Films.

Talk about the benefits for this young buck!

Now what does mama Toyin get out of all of this? Sex? Companionship? Baby? Romance? Love?

I guess we cannot say for sure, because it is unlikely Akerele has the financial muscle to sponsor Toyin’s high-flying lifestyle.

Moses Akerele in Elegante by Tiannah Styling
Moses Akerele in Elegante by Tiannah Styling

Now you know Toyin’s latest person of interest.

Although I’m not completely ruling out the possibility of a little something going on with her young PA as well.

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