Mrs E
Mrs E

E-Money’s Wife Reveals His Biggest Secret

E-Money’s wife openly boasts about his fidelity

Pearl Emmanuel

If you have been in the social media space for a while, it is no longer news that Emeka Okonkwo who is also  known as E-Money by most is the part owner of record label 5 Star Music. You would have also discovered that he publicly shows his appreciation for his wife.

The billionaire business man recently bought a Roll Royce for his wife and also a Benz for comedian Funny Bone.

E-Money has been tagged an online philanthropist by many, especially celebrities.

Mrs E 
Mrs E 

His wife fondly referred to as Mrs. E, isn’t one to announce her affluent status online. She has chosen either voluntarily or as a result of marriage to live a quiet life.

The Okonkwos
The Okonkwos

Mrs. E recently granted an interview where she talked about loving her husband, E-Money right from his broke days at Apapa.

Being a British citizen did not stop her from loving him, even when he had nothing because she saw he was hardworking and had a bright future.

Today she infers that she is grateful for her decision and also revealed that her husband, E-Money has never cheated on her since they got married.

Before you go ahead to call me a hater, do you really believe that he hasn’t cheated on her?

Does she want to turn a blind eye to it by actually accepting that ‘ignorance is bliss’?

With the amount of wealth E-Money has, even if he has no intentions of cheating, we know some pretty girls of the highway will shamelessly throw themselves at him.

I could go on and actually, mention names of his alleged bedmates and side chicks, but who am I to disturb the tranquility of a faithful and loving home?


Seriously, what are your thoughts about Mrs. E claiming that her husband has been faithful since day one?

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