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Ladies! Here is How to Wear High Heel Shoes Longer

Your heels shouldn’t leave you lame!

Titilayo Ilori

High heels are stylish. They are an ideal choice for every woman, because it transforms a seemingly ordinary outfit into something spectacular.

Some women wear heels because it increases their height, while others wear heels to improve their posture and enhance their confidence.

It is important to note the rules of wearing high heels, as this will help you identify what type of heels will be comfortable and ensure you wear them longer.

1. They are different designs and types of high heels, however it is important you choose what suits you.

Don’t just buy a shoe because you love the style, if you are a woman on the big side, ‘platform’ heels are your best bet.

Platform soles are comfortable for plus-sized women and they give that much needed balance. It also ensures they can be worn for longer, as the ball of the feet and ankle are not unduly strained.



2. A wedge is another high heel alternative for a plus size woman, because of how it is designed. Thus it is comfortable to wear longer without the agonizing pain that comes with stilettos.

Ladies! Here is How to Wear High Heel Shoes Longer

3. Kitten heels are also a great choice for plus size women, it has a tiny heel which ensures comfort and balance.

Ladies! Here is How to Wear High Heel Shoes Longer

4. Pencil heels or stilettos are designed for women with lighter weight and it can be worn longer, as long as it is the right size and fit.

Plus size women wearing stilettos will be left with pain on their ankles, heels and the ball of the feet, because of the weight on their legs.

stilettos heels

stilettos heels

5. As a result of how peep or open toe shoes are designed, there is an opening in front of this shoe. Thus to rock an open toe shoe without pain and to wear them for a long period, tape your toes together.

You heard me right!!!

You can either tape the second and third toe if the peep toe isn’t that wide, making it visible. However if it is, you can tape your fourth and fifth toes together.

Taping your toes also works for other shoe designs, not just the peep toes. This is because it takes off pressure from the balls of your feet and it reduces the chances of getting blisters, bunions and foot corn.

Ladies! Here is How to Wear High Heel Shoes Longer

6.Don't forget to always moisturize your foot regularly, it will make the skin soft, ensure your shoes fit and reduce blisters.

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