Princess Shyngle 
Princess Shyngle 

Princess Shyngle  Reveals How Actress Toyin Abraham Helped Her After Attempting Suicide

Toyin Abraham and Princess Shyngle express undying love for each other on social media

Pearl Emmanuel

Gambian actress with the killer curves Princess Shyngle took to her social media page to thank Nigerian actress Toyin Abraham.

According to her, Toyin prayed and took care of her when she relapsed and was rushed to the hospital. She went further to promise that she won’t disappoint Toyin.

Princess Shyngle and Toyin Abraham
Princess Shyngle and Toyin Abraham

Recall that the curvy actress allegedly attempted suicide, because she was suffering depression.

Toyin after a few hours put out an acceptance speech on her social media. She acknowledged Princess Shyngle’s gratitude.

I wonder if these two are true friends or just out on social media looking for cheap publicity.

Have you noticed that Toyin Abraham has made it a point of duty to befriend any celebrity who is trending at a particular time?

I wonder if she feels that in order to remain relevant in the industry, she has to be involved with popular people.

Just a thought though, what do you think about this new found love between Toyin Abraham and Princess Shyngle, will it last?

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