Adekunle Gold Joins the League of Artistes with Baby Mamas

Adekunle Gold Joins the League of Artistes with Baby Mamas

An embittered long time fan of Adekunle Gold calls him out on social media for ignoring his baby mama

Pearl Emmanuel

Adekunle posted a picture with the caption "Cheers to a freaking weekday" on social media recently.

An embittered follower who probably knows the artiste's history decided to use the opportunity to clear the air.

The twitter user Gbenga_Benz called out Adekunle Gold for abandoning his baby mama and living a fake life on the gram.

He goes on to write that karma would catch up with the artist very soon.

Singer Adekunle Gold recently tied the knot with long time heartrob Simi. In fact the duo are presently in South Africa enjoying their honeymoon.

Although an online army of the said artist rose up to fight his battle by condemning Gbenga_benz.

However, Adekunle Gold blatantly refused to comment concerning the accusation.

Do you think Adekunle has a baby mama he is hiding from us? We know anything is possible with artistes today but he doesn't come off as a philanderer.

If he does have a baby mama I'm definitely sure his long time boo and now wife Simi would be aware of it.

This accuser might just be a hater after all, trying to stir confusion in the perfectly peaceful union of Adekunle Gold and Simi.

What are your thoughts on Gbenga_Benz’s accusation?

2019 promises to be drama filled.

*sips Tea*

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