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Thigh chafing
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Learn How to Avoid Thigh Chafing

Want to avoid thigh chafing? Learn how

Titilayo Ilori

Thigh chafing occurs when your inner thighs peel off after a long time of rubbing them against each other.

This is as a result of too much movement that causes friction between the thighs. The pain becomes more severe when you walk and especially when water touches this part

Thigh Chafing is most common among fat people and people with big thighs.

After it heals, you can get a cream to clear the spot in order to prevent dark spots.

But the most important thing is to try as much as possible to prevent thigh chafing because of discomfort and unbearable pain.

Here are a few ways to prevent thigh chafing:

Learn How to Avoid Thigh Chafing

1. Wear polyester underwear

If you suffer from thigh chafing, don't step out without wearing moisture-wicking or sweat wicking underwear - preferably polyester - that can draw moisture or sweat away from your body and prevent your thighs from touching. Cotton underwear will only soak your sweat and encourage more chafing.

Learn How to Avoid Thigh Chafing

2.  Lubricate your thighs

You can prevent thigh chafing by lubricating your thighs regularly with coconut oil, shea butter (ori ) or vaseline. This will encourage easy movement.

Learn How to Avoid Thigh Chafing

3. Stay dry

Wet skin is prone to chafing. If you are someone who sweats a lot on your thighs or your buttocks, you can apply powder to absorb your sweat.

Learn How to Avoid Thigh Chafing

4. Do not wear wet clothes

Ensure that your clothes are absolutely dry always. Never wear a wet pant, as this can cause serious thigh chafing. Once you use the restroom, try as much as possible to clean your private part with toilet roll in order to prevent your pant from getting wet.

Learn How to Avoid Thigh Chafing

5. Avoid scratching your thighs

I know you are tempted to scratch your thighs when they itch, especially after a long, hot day. But you may peel off your skin while scratching and this will encourage chafing.

Learn How to Avoid Thigh Chafing

6. Wear the right outfit for your workout session

In order to avoid chafing, ensure that you wear comfortable workout gear.