Chioma Goodhair
Chioma Goodhair

Chioma Ikokwu aka Chioma Goodhair Acquires New Property 

Chioma Ikokwu invests in a property, says “you too can do it!” 

Pearl Emmanuel

Chioma Ikokwu aka Chioma Goodhair, part owner of Good Hair Ltd, has bought her first property in Nigeria.

The Lagos big babe and daughter of Agunze Chib and Uche Ikokwu, who loves to flaunt the ever so lavish baby girl life on social media, announced on Instagram that the property located in Ikoyi was bought with her savings and with the help of her parents.

Her Lagos-based hair company, a company that boasts of a considerable number of clients, seems to be yielding good results. Hence, her opulent lifestyle and many luxury trips.

Still, sources claim that her lavish lifestyle and many international trips with her bestie, who has been tagged "Nigerian Kim Kardashian", are not self-sponsored as she insists.

According to these sources, Good Hair Ltd may only be a front for a less than ideal business where she accepts gifts from wealthy older men.

What can we then make of her motivational speech to other women, “... You too can do it. Just work hard, make the right sacrifices & prioritize!”?

Check out her full Instagram post below:

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