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Learn Simple Ways to Design Your Ankara Fabrics with Stones

Want to beautify your Ankara fabrics? Try these tricks

Titilayo Ilori

Most people add stones to their Ankara fabrics to beautify them, others to spice up the dull look of an old fabric. You can add stones to your Ankara fabrics without spending so much time or money. You only have to be creative.



Follow these steps to get it done yourself:

1. Know what pattern or design you want on your material before you start stoning.

2. Arrange the stones according to how you want them to appear on the fabrics.

3. If the design you want on your Ankara will confuse you, you can use tailor chalk to draw the pattern out.

4. Then, apply some gum on the chalk lines in a neat form.

5. Most of the gums have a pointed mouth, so you do not have a problem picking the stones. Place the stones on the lines one after the other.

6. If you end up making a mistake, you can quickly remove the stone and correct the mistake.

7. After placing all the stones in their appropriate places, place another material under the Ankara in order to prevent your fabric from getting burnt. This should be done because some Ankara fabrics are light while others are a bit thick.

8. Plug your pressing iron and reduce the temperature to the lowest, and place the iron on your stones, pattern by pattern. Let it sit for about 5 to 10 minutes for a better result.

9. If a stone needs to be tacked, you can stone and tack at the same time. Please, note that a stone that requires to be tacked usually has a hole at the top. Stones that require tacking, too, are mostly used for headgears.

10.  If you are using stones that require tacking, tack them with a thread that goes with the fabrics to hide the thread. Such stones do not require ironing.

Mercy Johnson

Mercy Johnson

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