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How to Identify Ripe and Unripe African Star Apple aka Agbalumo

Finding it difficult to spot the difference between ripe and unripe African star apple? Read this!

Titilayo Ilori

African star apple is popularly known as agbalumo in Yoruba, Utieagadava in Urhobo and Udara in Igbo.

The fruit is loved by many. However, there are times when your inability to tell the difference between a ripe and an unripe African star apple gets in your way of buying it.

Find out how to spot the difference between ripe and unripe agbalumo below.


Signs of unripe African star apple (agbalumo):

1. The first sign to look out for is the top of the African star apple. Once the top looks green, know it is unripe and the agbalumo was forced to ripe.

2.  The body is another sign to look out for. Some African star apples have black dots on their body. Once you spot these signs, don't buy it.

3. The colour of the star apple is bright yellow but some are also reddish. Some look lighter than others ( either yellow or red). The ones that look faded might be unripe.

Look closely for other signs, like the greenish signs and black dots.

4. If you notice that the star apples have all of these signs on the body, just know it is unripe or it was boiled. Some people boil a fruit to make it look ripe on time

5. Once you press the African star apple and you notice that the juice coming from the top is whitish, know it is unripe.

African star apple

African star apple

Signs of ripe African star apple:

1. To identify a ripe African star apple is easy. Once you notice the body is reddish or bright yellow, then it is ripe.

2. Another sign is if you notice a dent on the body. This is a sign that the agbalumo fell from the tree on its own. Only ripe fruits do that.

3.  Also, once you press the top of the fruit and you notice that the juice from it is brown and oily (either light or thick) then it is ripe. Be careful not to overpress it.

4. Some ripe African star apples do not have the stick and might be covered with a white substance. Do not be scared to purchase such. It will turn out to be sweet.

5. You can spot a ripe star apple by its redness. Do not be deceived, though, by the ones displayed. The fact that the inside is red does not always mean it will be sweet.

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