Northerners Condemn Actress Rahama Saudau for Showing Some Skin in New Photos

Northerners Condemn Actress Rahama Saudau for Showing Some Skin in New Photos

Rahama Saudau’s new photos have raised eyebrows

Pearl Emmanuel

Former Kannywood actress, Rahama Saudau, who was banned from acting Hausa movies, has resurfaced with stunning new photos to promote her makeup brand.

Rahama, a young Hausa woman who wanted to explore acting in other divisions of Nollywood and expand her acting career, started featuring in cinema movies. One of the biggest controversial movies she acted in was titled "Tatu". It was a challenging role for someone with her background and religious beliefs, because she had to be intimate with her fellow actor.

When the movie was released, the Kannywood pioneers frowned at Rahama's "overambitious" portrayal of her character. They took their grudge a bit further by banning the said actress from featuring in Hausa related movies. The irony of this singular act was that it seemed to work in Rahama's favour, as she was received and welcomed with open arms into Nollywood.

Rahama has gone ahead to create a name for herself and has garnered over 1 million followers on Instagram. The northern beauty isn’t doing badly at all, as she also owns a makeup venture called Sadau Beauty. Her career is soaring and she keeps smiling to the bank, courtesy of her makeup business.

Rahama recently posted images of a photo shoot to promote her makeup business. Rather than applauding her for her efforts, her Northern folk criticized her for wearing a blouse with one sleeve.

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