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Five Reasons Why You Should Wear Anklets

Don’t think anklets are worth investing in? These reasons may make you change your mind

Titilayo Ilori

Anklets have been worn for centuries by women mostly in India. It is an important piece of jewelry in Indian marriages. The women wear the leg chain along with Saris, which is called pattilu or Nupur. It is also common among Egyptian and American women who wear it for fashion. These days, anklets are usually worn by women as a fashion statement.

Check out five reasons why you should invest in anklets.

Five Reasons Why You Should Wear Anklets

Five Reasons Why You Should Wear Anklets

1. Anklets are attractive

An anklet has a way of drawing attention to a woman's ankle. The colour or the glow of your silver or gold anklet is hard to miss when you’re wearing a short or mid-length dress or skirt with heels.

2. They make your ankles look slender, longer and sexier

An anklet will create the impression that your ankles are longer and slimmer than they really are. Slimmer also means sexier.

3. They make your ankles more feminine

When your ankles look slender, they look more feminine. So, if you don’t particularly have feminine features, use an anklet to give your ankles and legs an absolutely feminine look.

4. They complement your outfits

Just as a beautiful pair of earrings and a chain can help jazz up your outfit, a colourful anklet spices up a dull outfit or makes the colours of your dress pop.

5. Anklets are pretty little things

The fact that anklets are pretty little things that adorn your ankles, spice up your outfits, make your ankles look finer is enough reason to wear one, two or even more.

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