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Bobrisky Confused About His Sexuality (Opinion)

Ironically, Bobrisky openly admits to being gay in new video and confesses to having an erection  while watching his female bestie, Anita Joseph dance.

Pearl Emmanuel

Social media is abuzz with male transvestite, Bobrisky’s shocking confessions about Anita Joseph’s body. In the viral video Bobrisky who has told those who cared to listen that he is gay, shockingly confessed to having an erection for Anita Joseph.


A reason this is quite ironical, is because of Bobrisky’s efforts to eradicate all traces of his masculinity.

The popular Lagos crossdresser, has successfully convinced his loyal followers and fans that he has finally transitioned into a full blown woman.

If his breasts and hips rather obvious in dresses is an indication.

The irony of this confession made by the budding socialist Bobrisky is not lost on us, because there aren't capable doctors in Nigeria to perform a successful sex change surgery.

Furthermore, there was no record of Idris Okuneye aka Bobrisky traveling out of the country for the supposed sex change surgery.

Recall that the transvestite spent most part of his January and early February of 2019 at Intercontinental Hotel in Lagos.

Bob Riskyy
Bob Riskyy

Bobrisky in order to continue living the lie of his transition to womanhood has taken to wearing silicon breast fillers and butt pads. In recent pictures you'll notice the butt pad under his clothes.

To further buttress this point, Bobrisky recently confessed to his new partner in Crime and addition to their squad, Anita Joseph that he had a penis. He told her that he was having an erection from having her shake her waist.

This lends credence to the fact that Bobrisky is just a cross dresser, obsessed with the attention of shocking Nigerians. Although he has admitted to being gay in the past, but will hastily claim straight if the fires of criticism burns too hot.

There are rumours albeit unverified that Bobrisky’s sex partners are high ranking political figures and men of means, thus this may be a reason why he is yet roaming the street a free man or woman.

It is doubtful that Bobrisky has the courage to completely transition to a woman, either because of insufficient funds or the finality of what a castration would be.

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