Alex Ekubo and Girlfriend
Alex Ekubo and Girlfriend

What Election: Actor Alex Ekubo Vacations with Girlfriend in Hawaii

Nigerian Actor and ‘Lagos fine boy’, Alex Ekubo is unbothered about the problems of Nigeria and casting his vote at the 2019 General elections. He is vacationing in Hawaii with his new girlfriend, Fancy Acholonu.

Pearl Emmanuel

Popular Nigerian actor, Alex Ekubo, and Instagram meme creator who has a social media page dedicated to his future wives has abandoned Nigeria for Hawaii.

Amidst the chaos and brouhaha in Nigeria, the Nollywood actor decided to take a Valentine break with his new girlfriend, Fancy Acholonu.

Beautiful Fancy is an entrepreneur living abroad and she owns a jewelry store that specializes in customized zodiac signs.

There are rumours albeit unverified that Alex Ekubo’s sexcapades are on the scandalous side, with speculations that he is a paid lover to many high society women and ... men.


The Olofofo went on to say that given his lifestyle, many are in shock that the ‘Lagos fineboy’ is actually in a stable relationship, with a member of the opposite sex, who is younger than his preference.

Clearly her financial success and pedigree must be the allure.


The actor has been all lovey dovey on social media, while posting about Fancy and he seems completely smitten by her.

The couple are presently in Hawaii having the time of their lives.

Evidently voting at the highly anticipated 2019 general elections is the farthest thing from Alex Ekubo’s mind.

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