Your Voters’ Checklist: 10 Things To Do Before Going To Vote

Your Voters’ Checklist: 10 Things To Do Before Going To Vote

This is your voter’s checklist to help you stay safe, alive, and well during the elections

Titilayo Ilori

It is no longer news that the presidential election has been postponed till February 23. Rather than dwelling on the disruption of plans caused by the postponement and on what could have been done differently, start making preparations to vote next week Saturday.

To ensure that you have a good voting experience, you must have a checklist that contains all you need to do or avoid and take along with you to the polling units.

* Don't forget your PVC

It is important not to forget your permanent voter's card (PVC) at home. You cannot vote without it.

* Have breakfast

Make sure you don't leave home without having your breakfast. Shops will be closed and you won't get a place to buy food or snacks.

Don't they say a hungry man is an angry man? To avoid the headache of getting angry unnecessarily, make sure you fill your tummy.

* Take a bottle of water

It is essential to take a bottle of water along with you to the polling units, since you will be under the sun for hours and you do not want to be left dehydrated.

* Go with snacks

No one knows how long voting is going to take, so it won't be a bad idea to go with some cookies, sweet and chewing gum. This will help keep your mouth busy.

* Wear comfortable clothes

Make sure you wear clothes you are comfortable in. Don't wear an outfit that will cause you discomfort. Election day is not the time to slay.

* Take your phone with you

Take your phone with you, in case you need to make an important call. If you are not sure how long your battery will last, it’s best to go along with a power bank. Do not charge at the polling units to avoid stories that touch.

* Wear comfortable shoes

Wearing heels is a No-No! You want to be as comfortable as you can possibly be. So, now is the time to dust that pair of flat sandals, shoes or sneakers off the shoe rack.

* Go with a hand fan

For people that sweat uncontrollably, going with a hand fan wouldn't be a bad idea.

* Go with a pair of sunglasses or a hat

Don't forget that you will be under the sun for a long period of time. It is advisable to take a pair of sunglasses or a hat along with you to prevent sunburn or red eyes.

* Go with people

You should go with your friends or neighbours so that you can have people to interact with. If you are alone, you might find the whole process boring. And if you need to chat with people you don't know, be careful what you say.

Note: Above all, be vigilant and alert. Keep your valuables.

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