Akpororo and Acapella (Nigerian Comedians)
Akpororo and Acapella (Nigerian Comedians)

Comedian Acapella and Akpororo Extort Guests at Ushbebe’s Comedy Show in Lagos

Nigerian comedians Akpororo and Acapella took to extorting guests at the comedy show. Talk about prestigious ‘Beggi Beggi’.

Pearl Emmanuel

Comedian Acapella is unarguably one of the most intellectually and socially alert comedians in Nigeria. His style of comedy is known to be relatable yet unique, thus this has set him apart from his contemporaries.

However for many who were present at the Chronicles of Ushbebe: Yadadi 12 (Election Edition), they thought it unethical that he turned his comedy into an extortion scheme.

Although he elicited laughter from guests, he unashamedly demanded money from seated guests at the events. He gathered quite a sum - give or take N300,000 from guests seated at the exclusive and pricey tables.

After Acapella left the stage, as if not to miss out on his own windfall, Akpororo ran up the stage and aggressively began extorting guests as well.

His excuse for extorting guests was the fact that his colleague Acapella successfully did the same thing, so he felt it was his right to continue from where he left off.

Guests began to murmur, as they were uncomfortably thrown in the spotlight, thus they had to unwillingly dole out lean bundles of 500 Naira notes to Akpororo who held the show to ransom.

Soon after extorting guests, Akpororo began talking about his latest achievement, which is owning a home in Amen Estate. At this point he lost guests, because none found his jokes amusing.

Perhaps because of his ‘beggi beggi’ having watered down his comedic craft.

Clearly there is hunger in the land.

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