Fela Durotoye Made Me Jobless for Three Months - Ushbebe

Fela Durotoye Made Me Jobless for Three Months - Ushbebe

At the recently held “Chronicles of Ushbebe” comedy show, the comedian and organizer insisted that Fela Durotoye made him jobless for three months. Read how!

Pearl Emmanuel

Ushbebe’s comedy show, which held in Lagos, on Sunday, February 17, was an evening of insight and laughter for Nigerians who desperately wanted to forget the disappointment of the political system.

The show was organized by popular Naija Info On Air Personality, Ushbebe. The comedian shed more light on Nigeria's presidential aspirants contesting for votes in the 2019 election.

He started by sharing his opinion of the different presidential candidates. He expressly said Nigerians should not vote for the African Action Congress (AAC) candidate, Omoyele Sowore, who is also the owner of Nigerian online news agency, Sahara Reporters. Stating his reasons for this, Ushbebe explained that if Sowore is voted into office, there would be scarcity of cannabis known by most as 'Weed', because he smokes like the musician, Burna Boy. He suggested that the AAC candidate is mostly high on weed and if he comes into power, there won't be enough in circulation.

As for Fela Durotoye, presidential candidate for Alliance for New Nigeria (ANN), Ushbebe stated that he is not ready to be president. He further recounted a painful experience he had with Fela who is also a motivational speaker and has made money and fame from his profession.

According to Ushbebe, he was working in the now defunct Oceanic Bank and earning a six figure monthly salary. He stumbled across Fela's teaching that suggested that he'll amount to nothing if he keeps working for another person. The comedian also said the teachings of Fela led him to quit his high paying job and he was jobless for 3 whole months. He suggested that if Fela Durotoye becomes president, a lot of companies will crumble and the youths will suffer.

He also stated that Oby Ezekwezili of Allied Congress Party of Nigeria (ACPN) is unfit for the presidential seat. He explained that a lot of Nigerians thought her passion for "Bring Back our Girls", a movement she created and spearheaded to make the government work on successfully returning the kidnapped Chibok girls was genuine. He then said that her real movement was "Bring Back our Votes" to put her into office. He further explained that a candidate who chickens out of problems is unfit to rule the country.

Ushbebe made an alarming statement that got the crowd talking. He confidently said the election, which failed to hold on the 16th of February as scheduled, was postponed because of direct orders from People's Democratic Party (PDP)'s aspirant, Atiku Abubakar. He explained that if Nigerians go ahead to vote Atiku into power, one of the first things he would do is allow Gay rights in the country because, according to Ushbebe, he is under the Trump government.

He applauded the current president, Muhammadu Buhari, who is contesting for a second term. He said Buhari successfully made money scarce which has helped the market value of the naira but has also affected his show as most politician sponsors couldn't give fat checks.

Ushbebe concluded the political rant by saying that he still awaits the politician that will approach him to sway his votes preferably with cash.

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