10 Positive Things To Say To Your Children

10 Positive Things To Say To Your Children

Want to know the secret to building confidence in your child? Read this!

Titilayo Ilori

When it comes to dealing with children, you must be careful what you say, do, and how you react to them.

Children take words from their parents seriously. So, it is important to always give your children words of encouragement even when they are not doing so well academically or otherwise.

Don't say things to them angrily, no matter how angry you are. Learn to say positive words to them. Some of such words that you can share with your children include:

1. Do your best

Imagine when you tell your kids to do their best, such kids will put more effort into what they are doing just to impress you.

2. Believe in yourself

If you tell your kids to believe in themselves, it will boost their self-confidence. But if you let the child down, such a child will be demoralized.

3. I am proud of you

Believe it or not, these words will put a smile on your child's face. Children become confident when they know that you've got their back.

4. You worked hard today

Encouraging your children after completing a task is a great way to keep them going. They will do even better next time.

5. Never give up

These words will always echo in your child's head. Even when things seem difficult, that child will remember to continue fighting until he finds a way through.

6. Learn from your mistakes

If your children make mistakes, sit them down and let them know what and where the problem is. This way, your children can learn from their past mistakes.

7.  Thank you

Some parents complain that their children don't know how to say thank you after receiving a compliment or a gift.

But the question is, do you say thank you to your child after he or she has done something worth complimenting? If you don't say it to them, they can't say it to others.

8. Well done

Telling your kids well done during and after a task is a great way to motivate them.

9. Keep working hard

Telling your children to keep working hard is another great way to encourage them. If you tell your children this, it will make them stronger and better than before.

10. Don't be afraid to make a mistake

Whenever your child makes a mistake, let that child know that it is okay to make mistakes. Nobody is above mistakes.

Note: Don't make the mistake of comparing your children with other children. Children of the same parents can never act the same way, let alone children of different parents.

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