Central Bank of Nigeria
Central Bank of Nigeria

Soldiers Shutdown Marina in Lagos As 15 Bullion Vans Cart Away Cash From Central Bank

According to eyewitness reports, 15 Bullion Vans were loaded with cash from Central Bank of Nigeria in Marina, Lagos. 


Two days to the presidential elections, Marina, the thriving urban centre of Lagos was shut down today at 2pm by over 50 military men armed to the teeth.

So much so that vehicular movement was prohibited, only pedestrians were allowed on Customs street in Marina, Lagos.

According to eyewitnesses over 15 trucks, including bullion vans were loaded with what looked like money from the Central Bank of Nigeria, located on Custom street, Marina rd. Lagos.

Witnesses also said that these armed men guarding these trucks being loaded with cash were not only armed to the teeth, but they looked quite menacing.

For fear of violent reactions, pedestrians were scared to bring out their phones to take pictures or receive calls, as these soldiers watched everyone like hawks.

There are also speculations that it may be sensitive election materials being transported in these heavily guarded trucks but we will never know.

Recall that the highly anticipated presidential elections is on Saturday, Feb. 23, 2019 after it was postponed from , Feb. 16. Therefore tensions are high in Nigeria as the two major parties’ presidential candidates are geared for a political face-off.

There have also been reports of violence in several parts of Nigeria, which has been linked to the upcoming election.

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