Jumoke Oni Bread and Baby Daddy Sunday
Jumoke Oni Bread and Baby Daddy Sunday

My Wife’s Fame is the Reason I Am Jobless - Olajumoke Oni Bread’s Baby Daddy Reveals

Olajumoke’s baby daddy, Sunday in a shocking interview revealed that her newfound fame has changed her. See how!

Titilayo Ilori

Olajumoke Orisaguna is a Nigerian model, who gained stardom in February 2016 while hawking bread on the streets of Lagos. She mistakenly walked into a photo session of British rapper, Tinnie Tempah while hawking.

Jumoke Oni Bread and Tinnie Tempah
Jumoke Oni Bread and Tinnie Tempah

The photo session was conducted by TY Bello for This Day magazine, while editing the pictures TY Bello sighted a particular picture were Olajumoke photo bombed the British rapper, she saw it as a nice concept and went searching for Olajumoke.

After finding her, Olajumoke made an appearance on This Day cover and also landed a modeling deal with the help of TY Bello.

Furthermore, she received an apartment with a 5 year lease from real estate mogul, Sujimoto.

Her sudden fame also landed her an endorsement deal with Payporte and a 3- year- internship to better her spoken and written English.

Interestingly the father of Olajumoke’s children is not her lawfully wedded husband and they have been living together all the while.

The aforementioned baby daddy, Sunday has been living with Jumoke and their kids at their surulere residence for some years now.

However Sunday made a shocking revelation in an interview and he said he was barely tolerating his Baby Mama’s rude and disagreeable attitude.

Olajumoke (Oni Bread) Orisaguna
Olajumoke (Oni Bread) Orisaguna

In the shocking interview, Sunday went on to say Jumoke’s celebrity status changed her and she was no longer the girl he used to know.

The disgruntled baby daddy also revealed that since getting fame, his baby mama had refused to marry him and make their union official, despite pressure from his parents.

Sunday also said Jumoke’s parents have also turned down his marriage proposal as well.

Olajumoke and Baby Daddy Sunday 
Olajumoke and Baby Daddy Sunday 

Happenings gathered that Olajumoke met her baby daddy while she was a hair dressing apprentice in Lagos. Soon after the duo began a relationship, Jumoke got pregnant and she relocated to Sunday’s family home in Osun state.

Allegedly while living with her supposed in-laws, she was maltreated by Sunday’s mother, a treatment made even worse by his absence in the village.

In frustration Olajumoke relocated to Lagos with her second child, leaving her first child in Osun because she could not raise two children as an unemployed mother.

While in Lagos, the beautiful hawker asked to have her first child returned to her, despite her ’mother-in-law’s’ misgivings and protests, she took custody of her child. Although this was without the support of her baby daddy.

In the shocking interview, Sunday went on to say his celebrity baby mama now stayed out late most nights and disrespects him as the man of the house. He said he preferred when Jumoke worked with TY Bello and blames her new attitude and sudden nocturnal lifestyle on her new management.

Jumoke Oni Bread and Baby Daddy Sunday
Jumoke Oni Bread and Baby Daddy Sunday

According to Sunday, her celebrity status was a reason he was jobless as nobody would hire him because his baby mama was in the limelight.

Recall also that Olajumoke is the breadwinner in the relationship.

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