Election Violence 
Election Violence 

Video: Violence and Insecurity Threaten Electoral Process as Credible Results Hang in the Balance (Opinion)

There are reports of election violence in some parts of Nigeria as credible results hang in the balance

Itohan Ferguson

The presidential election is underway and Nigerians have come out in an impressive number to choose their leaders.

The turnout has been quite remarkable as there were initial fears that the election postponement in Feb. 16, 2019 may have dampened the desire of citizens to exercise their constitutional mandate.

However some parts of Nigeria are experiencing insecurity and violence, despite a substantial deployment of military and security agencies across the country.

For example in Ago Palace way, Okota in Lagos, there are reports of election violence as polling centres were raided by thugs who attacked law abiding citizens, destroyed polling centres and burnt election materials.

In Ajao Estate, there are also reports of the destruction of polling units as thugs attacked citizens and INEC officials.

This brings doubt to the assurance of security across Nigeria for voters . Also the notorious statement of the incumbent, President Muhammadu Buhari that those who snatch ballot boxes will be killed.

Clearly the threat of death is not enough to discourage political thugs from violently interfering with the electoral process and terrorising law abiding citizens who have come out to vote.

With reports of political violence in polling units in some parts of Nigeria and the blatant disenfranchisement of citizens, credible election results hang in the balance.

Leaving a rather disturbing question on the lips of citizens;

“Does my vote count?”

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