Alexx Ekubo And Girlfriend Fancy Acholonu Make Relationship Public

Alexx Ekubo And Girlfriend Fancy Acholonu Make Relationship Public

Pearl Emmanuel

Alexx Ekubo, being a dutiful Nigerian, had to cut short his Hawaiian vacation with his new girlfriend, Fancy Acholonu, to cast his vote on the 23rd of February.

Fancy, who couldn't bear the loneliness and void left by her new boo and his absence to be her date at the just concluded Oscars, took to social media to pour out her heart.

She declared her feelings for Alexx Ekubo publicly, subtly letting the other women interested in him know that she's the woman in charge now.

She wrote:

Was sadly solo at the Oscars cus my handsome date had to fly to Nigeria to vote! Super proud of him for making #Nigeriadecides2019 a priority! A noble, humble, & patriotic man ❤️🇳🇬❤️ #blessed

Alexx Ekubo, who couldn't bear her loneliness, replied with much enthusiasm.

Fans are blown away by such love displayed by the duo. Many women from the social media pages dedicated to Alexx Ekubo have become heartbroken by the public display of love. Others have applauded the actor for being such a romantic whilst exercising his civic rights in his country.

What do you think about Alexx Ekubo and Fancy Acholonu's relationship? Do you think it will lead to marriage?

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