Nigerian Comedian Akpororo
Nigerian Comedian Akpororo

Celebrities React to the Delay in the Announcement of Election Results

See what Nigerian celebrities have to say about the delay in Presidential Election results by INEC

Pearl Emmanuel

The Independent Electoral Commission continues to drag the announcement of election results.

This has caused a stir on social media, as people are beginning to get uncomfortable with the process and celebrities are reacting to this delay.

Singer Timaya, whose shows are usually sold out internationally, is unconcerned about who emerges the winner of the presidential election.

The singer made a video, portraying a care free attitude, while refusing to allow the procrastination of INEC affect his joy.

Popular comedian, Japheth, also known as Akpororo, couldn't cast his vote on Saturday, February 23rd, because it was postponed from February 16th when he wanted to vote.

The comedian publicly explained his inability to vote because he was already booked to perform abroad.

He went further to say that the Nigerian election is not enough to cancel his comedy tours, hence his inability to vote on the new day for the president of his choice.

Although Akpororo has expressed his concern for the delay in the announcement of the presidential election results and wonders what game the INEC chairman was playing.

Popular online comedian Lasisi Elenu who rose to prominence because of his relatable yet funny rants on Instagram also expressed his concern at the delay in announcing the Presidential election results by INEC.

However his display of anger is quite hilarious and the comedian trolled smaller political parties with zero votes.

Lasisi questioned the possibility of a party getting zero votes, apparently party candidates did not vote for their self, neither did they get the support of friends and family to vote for them.

Instagram influencer and comedienne Calabarchic who has been glued to her TV since Saturday, during the election, while giving her followers update about the Presidential election results has also given up.

According to her, she has fallen sick waiting for the final results and was also sleepy from being awake for days.

Calabarchic went on to ask INEC if the electoral commission was waiting for three market days (this is a custom portrayed mainly in Nollywood as a tradition of the rural people), before announcing the winner of the presidential election

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