“I don’t love anybody but myself,” Actress Daniella Okeke Goes On A Rant About Love And Heartbreak 

“I don’t love anybody but myself,” Actress Daniella Okeke Goes On A Rant About Love And Heartbreak 

In a rant about love and heartbreak, Daniella Okeke has confessed that she does not love anybody but herself

Pearl Emmanuel

Daniella Okeke's Instagram page has come to life during this election period, as she has found a new love for airing her opinions through random rants.

The actress earlier took to her Instagram page to rant about love and the importance of money over love. She wrote:

Anytime I ve truly loved someone I ve always gotten my heart broken.. datz why am mean. I don’t love nobody but myself 🙄 fuck the world. No one really cares about you.. ONLY GOD GOT YOUHow do u love ? Wen u ve truly never felt loved? Wen I love you it’s just a statement not a Reality 🙄😂 fuck out here .😂DIS THING CALLED LOVE IS AN ILLUSION⛾ FUCK LOVE MAKE MONEY 😝😛😝 DEY DONT LOVE YOU BABY GIRL, FOCUS MAKE MONEY 🤣😂 AND OBEY GOD’S RULE

Some of her fans have expressed concern over her rantings about love and have prayed that she finds love soon, while others have rebuked her for revealing too much.

Daniella has addressed all these in her latest post, saying that she was only ranting on behalf of a friend who got her heart broken.

It seems the results of the just concluded elections shocked Daniella to the core. She couldn't phantom why Nigerians voted for President Muhammadu Buhari instead of his competition, Atiku. She expressed her disappointment thus:

I really dont understand how a reasonable person will vote Buhari ? I don’t get it? And if u ask dem the only thing dey will say is, he is fighting corruption. Yet corruption in Nigeria has gone worse in the Last 4yrs.. I guess datz why they removed the chief judge and replaced him with his person, so even if PDP go to court, they will still say APC won.. Wat a Country NIGERIA WHICH WAY? #DANIELLAOKEKE

This rant is coming from someone who never had any intentions of voting and is currently not in the country.

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